Slovak Gold - a system for certification of products of above the standard quality recognized for 20 years.

The Slovak Gold brand - the well-known symbol:
  • - Represents clear competition edge
  • - Improves sales as well as export
  • - Increases interest of public in certified products
  • - Awarded by the Slovak Gold Foundation

Club SG

Since 1997, according to an agreement, the Club usually associates present as well as former Slovak Gold Certificate holders, interested in a closer contact and co-operation with the Foundation.

Aerospool, s.r.o., Prievidza
Fytopharma, a.s., Malacky
Kooperativa poisťovňa, a.s., Bratislava
Kros, a.s., Žilina
Old Herold, s.r.o., Trenčín
Pastorkalt, a.s., Nové Zámky
Logo Aerospool

Club member since June 2005

Logo Fytopharma

Club member since January 2006

Logo Kooperativa

Club member since January 1997

Logo Kros

Club member since May 2010

Logo Old Herold

Club member since December 2012

Logo Pastorkalt

Club member since February 2007

Logo Pekáreň Juraj Oremus

Club member since November 2004

Logo Považská cementáreň

Club member since December 1998

Logo Terranova

Club member since January 2000

Logo Slovnaft

Club member since February 2000

Logo Wustenrot

Club member since August 2005

Pekáreň Juraj Oremus, s.r.o., Bánov
Považská cementáreň, a.s., Ladce
Saint-Gobain Construction Products, s.r.o., Divízia Weber-Terranova, Bratislava
Slovnaft, a.s., Bratislava
Wüstenrot poisťovňa, a.s., Bratislava